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Are 3 Ply Face Masks Good Enough?

To Start this conversation, lets remember why we are wearing face masks right now. Covid-19, a respiratory disease that’s spread through droplets exhaled, coughed, sneezed or transmitted by touch due to lack of disinfection.  On top of being more contagious than the flu, we have a large amount of the population becoming asymptomatic and unknowingly spreading the virus. Covering your mouth and nose is your first line of defense to combat the spread of covid-19. A mask not only protects you, but others as well. 

“If you are in a situation where you are in close proximity to other people, we recommend using a KN95 Mask/Respirator, but if you do not have access to any, the 3 ply will be sufficient ”

Now to answer the question, are 3 ply disposable masks good enough? The answer is yes. If you do not have access to a respirator such as a KN95 Mask, a disposable 3 ply mask will be sufficient. The 3 ply masks are fluid resistant and will protect you from any droplets entering your mouth or nose and are usually 70-90% effective. They are also about a 3rd or less of the price of KN95 masks. And lets be real here, any mask is better than no mask at all. 

Do I have to wear a mask?

The short answer to that is yes. With the guidelines set by the CDC and the States, you should be wearing a mask out in public to help lessen the spread. Not to mention most retail businesses will not even let you in the doors without a mask. We would like to recommend wearing some kind of face covering out in public for your’s and everyone else’s safety. It doesn’t matter if its a 3 ply mask, KN95 respirator, cloth mask or even a tshirt wrapped around your head, you should have one. 

I cannot find any KN95 or 3 Ply Surgical Masks, what should I do?

Lucky for you we have scoured the globe in search of PPE so we can get them to you ASAP. Visit our store to see or stocked inventory of KN95 and 3 Ply masks ready to ship!